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10 Ways to Romanticize Your Life This Summer

10 Ways to Romanticize Your Life This Summer

Life is made up of the every day moments. Sure, it's nice to have a summer trip to the cottage planned, but why am I waiting for a three-hour drive in traffic to justify reading a book guilt-free?

I want to incorporate those moments of joy into my every day life. Maybe if I stop saving those moments for the cottage, I wouldn't be so quick to escape on vacation. 

This doesn't mean completely overhauling our lifestyle to live in an Instagram perfect aesthetic. It's about slowly incorporating those lost moments back into our lives.

Transforming our daily routines into an experiment with the final goal being personal joy, not productivity. I'm sick of using my free time to simply recover. I'm taking back my summer. 

01 Shop your local farmers' market. Skip the produce aisle at the grocery store and buy your fruits and vegetables from your local farmer's market. As a farm girl, trust me, produce tastes so much better when it's fresh. 

02 Trade your phone for a book. Forgo the urge to mindlessly scroll your phone by keeping a book nearby. If I'm looking to escape, I want to do so into a storyline that I chose. Too often, I give my emotional wellbeing over to the algorithm. 

03 Refresh your wardrobe. Visit your local vintage store to find unique accessories that speak to your personal style. I want exclusive finds that have people begging, where did you find that? 

04 Start a journal. Gratitude journals are having a moment, but you can also use it to vent about what a garbage day it was so it's easier to fall asleep. Throw it all into one journal and get the full experience of what it is to be a human with emotions. Spoiler alert: it's messy and your journal should be too. 

05 Join a social sports league. Pickup a past childhood sport or try a new one. Signing up for a league makes sure that you get out of the house and socialize with others in our limited summer weather. 

06 Date yourself. My favourite days are ones with no commitments. I dress up super cute and go explore a new neighborhood on my own. Bookstores, coffee shops, parks, wherever the day takes me. There's something magical about learning more about yourself as an adult.

07 Do it outside. Good weather is in limited supply in Canada, so do whatever you're doing outside if it's nice. Have your morning coffee on the balcony or front porch, take your lunch break at a nearby park, bike to work. Chase that sunshine. 

08 Start a hobby. And be really bad at it. All these competition shows have got me striving to be the best singer, baker, etc. Let's start enjoying things because we like them and not because it's a potential side hustle. 

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