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How Much Cake Do I Actually Need? A Cosmo-Style Quiz

How Much Cake Do I Actually Need? A Cosmo-Style Quiz

Our advice for ordering the right cake size, because party planning isn't always a piece of cake. Grab a pen and write down the answers to this Cosmo-style quiz!

How do your guests feel about dessert?

  1. They're more of a savory bunch.
  2. If something catches their eye, they might indulge.
  3. All the sweets! They will be trying one of everything.

Are there any dietary requirements?

  1. Surprisingly, our guests don't have any dietary restrictions.
  2. Some of our guests will need either gluten-free or vegan.
  3. All of the above! We’ll need a little bit of everything.

Will you be serving food at the event?

  1. So much food! It'll rival a Thanksgiving day meal.
  2. We'll be providing a light meal like a tapas/snacks situation.
  3. We're just here for the dessert.

Will there be other treats besides cake?

  1. We have an epic dessert table planned.
  2. There will be some treats/candy hanging around.
  3. Cake will be the one and only dessert.

How do you feel about the serving size in the cover photo? 

  1. Perfect! I hate an oversized cake slice.
  2. Can I get one just a *touch* bigger?
  3. Awkward. I was expecting double that size.

How will the cake be served?

  1. We'll be saving it for a late night treat.
  2. Cake slices will be on a table for guests to help themselves.
  3. Everyone will be given a slice right after their meal.


Mostly 1's | Half of Your Guest List

Sometimes, you just don’t need a lot of cake. Sounds like you either have a meal that will rival a major holiday feast or your guests just aren’t that into sweets. In either case, your cake doesn’t need to do the heavy lifting. If you have an epic dessert table planned, the same rules apply. You’ll have so many options, that cake might not be on the top of everyone’s list. The bonus? This means that you can play with interesting cake flavours since you aren’t trying to appeal to the masses. 100 guests? Your cake should provide about 50 servings. 

Mostly 2's | Most of Your Guest List

This is the most common recommendation for cake servings. If you’re having a meal at your event, not everyone will want to indulge in a piece of cake afterwards. This is especially true if cake slices will be on a table for guests to help themselves. They might be so busy socializing, they don’t even realize there is dessert available! By ordering cake for most of your guests, you’ll have enough cake without worrying about leftovers. 100 guests? Your cake should provide about 75-85 servings.

Mostly 3's | More Than Your Guest List 

In this scenario, the cake is the star of the show! Since you’ll be serving a slice to everyone, you’ll need to make sure you have more than enough. This option is perfect for birthday parties or weddings where the cake will be served as part of the meal. This is also a good rule of thumb if you like your cake slices to be on the larger size. You’ll want to pick a cake flavour that appeals to most of your guests, like a classic vanilla or chocolate. 100 guests? Your cake should provide about 110 servings.

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