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Book Review: Funny Story by Emily Henry

Book Review: Funny Story by Emily Henry

I was never a big reader growing up. In fact, I hated it. My friends were all reading Little House on the Prairie and I was bored. out. of. my. mind. It wasn't until college that I discovered murder mysteries. I was hooked by the suspense and fast paced plot. Add in lots of coffee and I wonder why I'm always anxious. Over-caffeinated and scared of being murdered would do the trick. 

Summer of romance novels

This summer, I'm trading in my murder mysteries for romance novels. I'm yearning for a slow, even lazy, summer. Reminiscent of cottage beach days, laying on the sand and soaking up the sun with a good book and a bag of chips. Sorry, murder mysteries, you just won't do. 

When Meet Cute added their romance novels to the bakery, Funny Story was the first romance novel I picked up. Literally. Lucky for me, Emily Henry is a well loved author and I was pleasantly surprised when multiple people on my social media mentioned their love of her books. I could not have asked for a better introduction to the genre. 

A different type of suspense 

Thankfully, the character development kept me engaged and itching for the next chapter. The suspense of a serial killer was replaced with relationship drama that had me clutching my pearls and exclaiming, good heavens! Easily achieved when we dive in with a broken engagement after an out of town bachelor party. 

Although it was clear from the beginning that these unfortunate exes would end up together, I thoroughly enjoyed the journey. Each character had hurdles they needed to overcome so they would not repeat the same relationship mistakes. They took the time to work through their issues on their own and in the context of their budding relationship. 

They don't rush it and it's so hot

Being my first romance novel, I wasn't sure what to expect from the 'spicy' parts. 

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