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At Home with Steph & Archie

At Home with Steph & Archie

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Who: Stephanie Taylor, Founder of Ampersand Bakehouse 
Where: Toronto, Ontario
Dog: Archie. When we adopted him, Noah and I were playing the song Archie, Marry Me by Alvvays on repeat. His original name was Chandler Bing, lol. 

How did Archie come into your life? 

Noah and I had talked about getting a small, but sturdy dog and even went to visit a bulldog name Rocky. I instantly fell in love and got our home all ready to welcome him home. I was a little premature as Rocky was chosen to live with a different couple and I was absolutely heartbroken. After about a year, we had the opportunity to met Archie and everything just worked out perfectly. It was meant to be. 

How would you describe Archie's personality? 

Archie is definitely a social butterfly. When we go to the park, I'll tell him to go say hi to the other dogs and he just runs up to the owners for pets instead. He gets super excited if someone joins us in the elevator and looks at him ever so slightly. At home, he constantly wants to play and will bring us his favourite toy to toss over and over again. 

What are some of Archie's quirks?

One of my favourite things to watch is Archie play a game we call Toy in a Blanket. When we aren't playing with him, he'll hide his toy under a blanket and then dig around to try to find it again. Sometimes it pops out of the blanket and he has to chase it. Sometimes he thinks he's lost it for good and you can tell the search gets a little more serious. 

What's your favourite thing to do together as a family? 

My husband Noah is a movie buff so we watch a lot of films at home. My favourite family time is when we are all cozied up on the couch for the night. Even our cat Kittio will sit on the couch nearby. In the summer, Noah and I like to play baseball with Archie. I'll pitch Noah a tennis ball and Archie is both the catcher and the outfield. 

How do Archie and Kittio get along? 

When we first brought home Archie, Kittio was not a fan. Now she will tolerate him. I imagine it's like her having a little brother that just wants to get into all her stuff. Archie will want to sniff her belly and she'll give him little pats on his nose with her little white paws. If she's on the coffee table and Archie walks by, she'll give him a couple pats on the bum when he's not looking. I hope I find them cozied up together one day, but I think that's just a dream. 


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