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How to Decorate a Themed Birthday Party

How to Decorate a Themed Birthday Party

I have a confession: I get a liiiiittle overwhelmed when planning about all of the aspects of a party. Can you relate?! 

In this post, I’ll walk you through how I organize our parties at Ampersand Bakehouse. Each step will include examples of our parties so you can see the full behind the scenes process. Once you have a system in place, you can throw together amazing parties in no time!  

Decide on the Party Space

Our first instinct might be to jump on Pinterest and start collecting ideas, but I want to pause first. Let's decide on the location of the party because that is going to play a large part in the overall aesthetics. 

For example, I am currently planning the Starry Night Party at Ampersand Bakehouse. I love a dark, moody look, but the space isn't going to capture that essence. The shop has bright white walls with arches in millennial pink, not dark woodwork and bookcases. 

Instead of fighting against the space, we want to work with it. When I get on to Pinterest, I'll be looking for contemporary party elements with a modern colour pallet. Go ahead and snap a photo of the room because it's going to be the first thing we upload to our Pinterest Board. 

Create a Pinterest Board

Once you've selected your party space, get that Pinterest board created. We want to get this started way in advance so Pinterest has time to recommend new pins based on your searches. I recommend doing a little research browsing every day. 

Pinterest provides great inspiration, but we also want to be creative in what we are searching. For example, even though I focus on birthdays, I want to search Starry Night birthdays, weddings, baby showers, wedding showers, which will provide me with the theme imagined in different contexts. 

We also want to play with our theme wording. Besides Starry Night, we can also search celestial, space, galaxy, moon, etc. Be sure to pay attention to Pinterest's "Related Searches" in between pins.

Starry Night Party
Fairy Woodland Party

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