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Two-Tier Mermaid Cake

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Our Inspiration

(1 week notice) Inspired by scallop painted walls, we knew we needed to bring this cuteness to a cake. We've primed our cake with white buttercream and layered on a playful scallop border in a colour of your choice. Just like a scallop wall is adorable in a nursery, this cake would be perfect for a baby shower or first birthday.

    Your Personalization


    Serving Guide

    How many guests will my cake serve?

    It all depends on how large you want your cake slice. The small serving (as shown) is perfect for weddings or cocktail parties. If you are planning to enjoy your cake without inhibition, you'll want the large serving size.

    Small Serving: 1" Thick x 2" Wide x 5" High (as shown)

    Large serving: 2" Thick x 2" Wide x 5" high