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A Film Noir Mystery

The Briefing

Stephanie has gone missing

The bakery is still open but Stephanie is long gone. Is she missing or just doesn't want to be found? Victim or suspect?

We need you on the case

  1. Find the black and white clue photographs that Detective Noah 'accidentally misplaced' throughout the Ampersand Bakehouse website and social media.
  2. Seven (7) of the clue photographs include a random letter. Be sure to add this to your case file. Unscramble the letters to solve for the name of an Ontario town.
  3. The name of the town is the password to solve the case. Scroll down to the bottom of the page to enter your password and get the full scoop.
  4. Want bragging rights? Email us your hunches before you solve the case to see if you pieced together the evidence correctly.

Detective Noah Taylor

This is your partner for the case. He doesn't look like much, but he can sniff out a clue. He's captured everything of importance on film, but 'accidentally misplaced' the photos across the Ampersand website and social media. Do him a solid and find them, will ya?

Time to partner up

Partner with Detective Noah Taylor to solve the case.

Prefer to work alone? We understand. It's hard to know who to trust these days. Detective Noah was the last one to see Stephanie. I bet he didn't mention that, did he? Maybe see what he has to say - with that in mind.

have you Solved the case?

It's a little early. Better go back and review your notes to make sure you didn't miss any key evidence.