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A Film Noir Game

The Debrief

Stephanie's confession

"Looks like you found me. Nobody followed you here, did they? No offense, but you don't look like the type to loose a tail.

Yea, I went missing. Only nobody was suppose to notice, but you had to stick your nose in someone else's business, didn't ya?

Detective told you there was nothing to worry about, but ya didn't listen. I cased a joint, or two. Ok, maybe more. What's a dame to do? What's it gonna take to keep you quiet and leave me alone? Stop being a such a whistling dixie.

Detective Noah's Confession

Don't you know that abiding by the law is a thankless job? At least in this town. Yeah, I was going to let this whole thing slide because I was in cahoots. I get paid pennies as a detective. Plus, me and the dame are sweet on each other. We had a whole new life setup.